Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Vacation, Day 10: Summer Camp!

Golf Clinic to be exact. Princess tried to throw her foot down. She had no desire to go. She cried. She was obstinate. I ignored. Acknowledged how mean parents are, that we make our children go learn a sport that they express an interest in instead of letting them sleep all morning and play video games all day. The Horror!

Little Princess, (the only girl, The Horror! again) won closest to the pin on a 35 ft putt. The shop has plush head covers shaped like animals. I told her to get good and we'll see about it.

I think my tomatoes have early blight again! I might consider a fungicide this time. I found a better web site that lists some that seem organic, like potassium bicarbonate or copper. Now that I know it only affects the leaves, and at least how to minimize the spread, I am going to try to save my crop.

Remember my getting stuck on the porch in the freezing cold in my pj's story? Well we finally got around to fixing the screen door so I could leave my kitchen back door open for air flow. Later that afternoon, hubby noticed the bird still flying around my screen porch, scoping it out. You know where this is going, right?

A quick listen and a step stool proved our fears correct; moma bird had a nest of baby birds in the rafters of my screen porch. Needless to say, the new door is propped open, and my kitchen door remains closed for the time being.


jobee said...

"throw her foot down"? Not a phrase I know.

Make the kids paint the house or something - none of us had golf clinics!

Anonymous said...

I'm with jobee. Who needs a golf clinic, anyway. And as for The Horror of being the only girl, you who have sisters have no idea what a horror being the only girl can be!
-- magnoliajem