Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bear with me, this is going to go all over the place

Am I a "mommy blogger"? (The very fact that I am asking that question should clue intuitive readers and close friends what the appropriate-"slash"-desired answer to that question is.)
Good friend Shell sent me a podcast (that she produced! Go Shell!) about "blogola"-the bribing of Web bloggers, to promote product coverage and various other related social-media "conversations".

The prime example of the story was "Y", the author of the blog "joy unexpected ---who's blog I did find interesting Shell (Shell thought my blog was much more entertaining, but she's biased.) It reminded me a little (actually a lot) of Lisa's. Which brings me to mommy bloggers. The leap being Lisa was the Bored Housewife with twins, through who I was introduced to Nancy and a few other women with kids writing entertaining, irreverent posts about family life... anyway. At that point the only "mommy bloggers" I had seen were way goody goody, or millitant--- talking about pacifiers and organic baby food. These other women were way cooler, cussing and talking about sex and drinking in-between cute stories of potty-training and what-have-you. My kind of women, keeping it real, yo.

Where was I?

Oh, reading "joy unexpected" and her links: part of a network of "women bloggers" called (Hee- I keep thinking "Women's Studies" and militant lesbians at ivy league colleges, and I mean that most affectionately) but oh God, seriously: a community of over 9000 women's blogs? I imagine it's like Gather on estrogen and I shudder to even think...

Anyway. To me, "mommy blogs" will always conjure up images of women sharing woes of nipple cracking and boycotting childhood vaccines for fear of government control or autism. I am a mother who blogs. About lots of stuff. So how do I go about getting me some of this cool swag? God knows I pimp enough stuff/TV shows on here. I want a walk-on on "24". Fuck that, I want my own damn realty show. I am way more entertaining that Ray Romano or that twat Paris Hilton. I'll give you "24":
The following happens between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM...
"Do we have mini-pancakes?"
"Did you sign my permission slip?"
"Mommy have you seen my Gameboy?"
"I forgot, I'm supposed to bring in pipe-cleaners for science today."

Shit. I am a mommy blogger. But I cuss. And drink. And spend too much money at Sephora.
Oh and I love sports.

And I cook good too.

Post Script:
I'm glad I wrote this for the simple fact that I realized with the re-doing of my template I didn't have Nancy linked, and hadn't visited her site for a while. Her or Lisa.

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hello jamie: said...

last week I was at friends' house, and they just had baby #2, and there were about 8-10 of us there, having curry night, and Husband said "hey, do we only talk about babies now?" and we all kind of stared at him, (because we were THINKING, yo!) and before I could even go through all our evening conversations in my head, he was like "I KNEW IT! I KNEW this would happen!" and we all laughed and laughed.

Not entirely true, but funny.

I think it is natural to talk about whatever is taking up much of your brain power at any given moment. (That is why I only talk about myself.) That's why you "mommy blog" between 7-8am. But late night, you are all philosophy and sass, lady. No worries. This is your life- embrace it. One day all those adorable babies will leave for college and you'll be able to cook gourmet meals every night and never let more than 3 Daily Shows build up on your Tivo. We'll enjoy listening to you then, too.