Friday, March 23, 2007

Hairy situation

I'm getting my hair cut next week by the guy who cuts Tom Brady's hair. *g*

I am so sad for Elizabeth Edwards, that her cancer has re-occurred in her bones. That is never a good thing. It just reaffirms my commitment to the The 3 Day. I can't imagine having to go through that. I just had my mam and since I haven't heard from them I am assuming they don't need any follow-up this year.

Just because I have the ability to laugh at myself, (and lord knows I provide enough fodder):
Yesterday morning I got the kids on the bus and went to do the dishes before I headed up to shower and dress for work. I was in my pj's. I saw the dog-who was in the yard anxiously staring up at the screen porch, so I looked to see what he saw. There were two sparrows trapped on my porch! They were flying around and smashing into the screens and shit. I was all like, "Aww, birdies! I'll help you," and I went out onto my porch, in my pajamas so I could prop open the screen porch door to let them fly out.

Only that rickety wooden screen door wouldn't budge because it was jammed with ice at the base. So I turned to go back in the house to grab something to break it up with.

Except I had locked myself out of the kitchen. I was trapped, in my pajamas, on my back porch, with two frantic birds.

Luckily, I my porch often becomes a dumping ground, and I found an old baking pan that I used to start chiseling away at the ice and snow. I was making a little bit of progress, unfortunately my hands got snow on them and got very cold. It wasn't fun. In fact it was a bit sucky. But in my search for something better to chisel with I found my gardening gloves. yeah!

After almost ten minutes I gave up and ripped at the damn door and broke it, walked around the house and entered from the garage service door which was unlocked. Then I said screw the dishes and went right up to a hot shower.

Happy Weekend.


Jobee said...

Frenchie lady cut my hair super short - I love it!

As for the birds - why didn't you just let the dog take care of it?

krysten said...

i love that you ripped the door apart, haha! i guess you could empathize with the birds, eh?

hello jamie: said...

Way to go SuperMom!!!!

Did the birds get free?

Anonymous said...

I, too, feel bad for Elizabeth Edwards, but I also admire her & her husband's courage in continuing their quest for the White House. Because you just know that he wouldn't continue his campaign unless she really wanted him to!
-- Magnoliajem

Giovanna said...

The birds got free, but they are back again this morning! Argh! What is up with that?

jobee said...

Better patch up any holes - they are looking for a nesting place. Refer back to comment #1 should have let the dog take care of it.

And you'll love Tahoe - wonderful skiing