Monday, March 19, 2007

Bo-obs and baseball

Had a mammogram today. I'm quite certain the RN performing it has sadistic tendencies. Now, I don't have much there to squeeze in there, but she made sure she got every square inch squished onto that x-ray plate. I was wearing a scoop neck tank & sweater, so when I got out I looked like I had 2nd degree burns on my chest. It's TToTM too so it the girls were sore to start with.

My last novel workshop tonight! I've been much more motivated with the story lately, so it really did help.

Oh, get this Curt Schilling has a blog! How cool is that? It's very interesting if you are a passionate baseball fan. Or a gamer, I guess he has a side venture now that is in design and development of video games. Only 13 days until opening day! :)

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