Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh to live on, Sugar Mountain

This past weekend in Maine was our last weekend there for the season. Mother Nature gave us exquisite weather to end it with. Sat had blue skies and temps in the high 40's. We skied in vests and sunglasses, and enjoyed bloody Marys on the deck of the lodge while we watch some competition going on.

Sunday we woke up to gray skies, and a dusting of fresh snow, which was nice, but not enough to add to the ski conditions and we wanted the sun again. We got to the base about 8:30, and it looked like the sun was trying to burn off the layer of fog that hovering about. As the lift the kids and I rode approached the top of Southridge, we emerged from a cloud into sunshine and robin's egg blue skies, and this beautiful view of the surrounding peaks poking out of the fog laden valley:

It was so cool. With the sun and temps once again close to 50, the snow was like sugar-crystalled butter cream frosting, and the hubby and I found some runs that were just as sweet. I felt like I was flying. But God, are my calves and knees killing me!

I mentioned last week or so I had some exciting news. The reason we won't be back at Sunday River to ski anymore this season is because the whole family will be heading to Lake Tahoe, CA this Saturday! My Biggest Ones have both qualified for the USASA National Championship! The event is being held at Northstar at Tahoe resort. It's so exciting I can't stand it. It won't feel real I think, until we are on the plane.

So, I shall be super busy this week. Everyone cross your fingers and cheer my babies on ok?


Anonymous said...

hey girlfriend...that is super exciting ! Gosh...enjoy yourselves and take lots of pictures ! fingers crossed for luck ! xo cdk

GeorgieGirl said...

WOOHOO! I am so proud of the biggest ones, keeping fingers crossed, sending good vibes! Have a great time and don't forget to share photos!

krysten said...

oh you trendy person, with your skiing lifestyle! It looks beautiful.

good luck good luck good luck!

Dave Amirault said...

I'll also be in tahoe this weekend!

d-man said...