Friday, March 30, 2007

ciao bellas!

Did you know that the sound you hear when you put a sea shell to your ear is the echo of blood flowing against your tympanic membrane (aka your eardrum?)

I am totally into podcasts now. They are a great way to pass the time while waking, because I get so bored. Besides my favorite NPR shows like "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" and "On Point", a really cool one I found is called "Brain Food". It's a mini science lesson broken down for the common man, so to speak. And the topics in each broadcast are so random! The other day I learned about cell phones, bridges, and earthquakes.

Even though I am going to spend the next 7 days in the mountains skiing, I must post about a more spring-like topic: baseball. :) Hubby got us a package deal to spend the weekend in NYC to see the Sox play the Yankees! This is especially for Girlie-girl who insists on being a Yankee fan in New England and is constantly being dragged to Red Sox events. And, with it came 4 bleacher seats to opening day at Fenway Apr 10th! I am beyond stoked.

Finally, given all the sometimes non-meritous blogging and My-Spacing the internet supports, I thought I would share some blogs that serve to enlighten and uplift. The first is one that Curt Schilling linked in his blog, for a young boy named Pete in Austin (a lil' Texas boy Jamie!) documenting his treatment for Ewing's sarcoma. What a cutie, and brave.

The is other I heard about in an NPR piece last night about Chat the Planet which is featuring a link to a video diary produced by some college students in Baghdad who are documenting daily life in areas where it's too dangerous for journalists to be now. It's called "Hometown Baghdad" and the tag line of this week's clip is A side of Baghdad that even most Iraqis probably don’t ever see… It really is important to remember how most of these young men (and women!) are not militant, they are just like you and I, getting an education, love music and sports, and just want a normal, quality life. This series is also being pimped at

Oh, (non sequitur back to trivialities) I have been neglecting rantingposting about Idol so far this season, but I assure you, I am watching in disbelief with many of the rest of you.

I hope to post some pics from Tahoe and give you updates on the kids while we are there.



d-man said...

I sooo have to check out that podcast.

Leesa said...

Okay, I think sea shells do capture the sound of the ocean. I need to believe it.

krysten said...

along those same lines...did you know that the reason we calm a baby by making the "sh-sh-sh-sh" noise is because that's the sound our blood makes going through our veins which is what they heard in the womb.