Friday, June 29, 2007

"Be vewry, vewry, quiet..."

I was in the kitchen Tuesday when I heard my daughter yelling for me frantically, "Mommy come, quick!" and various other things that I really can't recall because I kind of went into "uber-parent-omg-what's-wrong" mode and ran out into the backyard.

"Mommy Diesel caught a baby bunny, we need to help it, can we keep it Mommy? I went over to pet him because he was sitting on the grass swinging his head around and he dropped it out of his mouth."

She is sitting on the grass, holding the dog's collar, surrounded by her siblings and her BFF and my brain is thinking, "oh crap do I need to take a mangled baby rabbit to the vet to be destroyed (or worse nursed back to health by my kids which means by me.)"

"We should call Animal Control," chimes the BFF.

Not a better option in my book really.

But then baby bunny, (who is really, really cute by the way) pulls itself together and stops quivering in panic and begins to hop around---as the dog is just beside himself with glee and really pissed that we won't let him play with his new "toy". I hold all squirming 65 pounds of him back while the kids follow the bunny like the Pied Piper through my yard toward the woods in back.

"Can't we keep him?"

I remind everyone that baby bunny has a mommy bunny somewhere that will be very sad if her baby bunny doesn't come home.

But we're not done.

I tell the whole story to daddy-hubby when he gets home, and he got a chuckle. Then later that night, he found Diesel sitting on the front lawn and called him to come. So Diesel did, picking something up in his mouth to take with him. Well, hubby called him to "heel", then "drop" and the dear Golden Retriever gently placed down the baby bunny (a different one mind you, this one was much smaller than the one from the afternoon.) Biggest One gently carried the bunny back to the edge of our property where we saw a lot of bigger, grown-up bunnies earlier in the day. Hopefully they were not pissed off that baby bunny smelled like humans.

I know my dog is not vicious and didn't hurt the bunnies, but all I could think of was, remember "Land of the Lost"? I just pictured these poor baby rabbits in the jaws of my dog feeling like some prey in the mouth of a T-Rex. LOL

SRSLY it's like Wild Kingdom here.

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KirFect said...

I was very worried about the baby bunnies and so hope I get to keep one.