Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Killing me softly with their song

Idol is killing me.   It's down to five, and I have to now weigh each of the 2 songs of each week to decide who gets votes.  Since when did they actually pick talented people!!??

So the show starts.  Hollie's doing Tina "River Deep Mountain High".  Ambitious.  But she does seem to come out of her shell, and sing for herself and not others.  The girl with the big voice gives a huge performance. :)  I love Hollie.  I also love me some Skylar,  but I think they screwed her over changing her song.  Too fast paced, and showed off no vocal or stage presence.   I love Phillip, but I agree he flattened the melody.  Jessica's doing Tina too????!!!!  Holy Crap... damn this girl can sing.  Oh Josh still has to go, right.... He's doing The Temptations, and not Al Green?  Really?  Jessica wins round one.  (I'm ignoring the duet/ensemble thing)

Back to Hollie, who is the only one who did contemporary pop in the 2nd round.  It was lovely,  but was formulaic Hollie.   Phillip...why did you pick another 60's song?  You could've done Coldplay, or Muse, or Keene...Not that I didn't love it... but you left me wanting.  Skylar- the Dusty Springfield choice was brilliant.  Jessica, your vocal was great, but it was just a Beyonce cover.  But Joshua doing Bee Gees "To Love Somebody"?  EFFING Brilliant.
Why?  Why??  Why do the 2 people I like least on this show at this point give such great performances?  UGH

So I give up.  Maybe I'll vote in the finale.

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