Monday, May 07, 2012

It's not easy being green

Sunday morning, I went out early to get groceries, because, duh, Sunday at Roche Bros.  But first, I stopped at Tangerini's to pick my "share".    The spring share is really great, because you can come whenever you want and pick what you want.  And it was so nice to be out in the field by myself, the scent of the fresh dirt, recently plowed and soft under my sneakers was sweet and natural.

Green leaf lettuce was ready, and we got to take 2 heads so I did that, then a pound of spinach, some mustard greens, baby salad greens, and a bunch of kale.  So yes, I'm learning how to prepare greens in various ways.  Tonight I think the mustard greens are going to become acquainted with some bacon and onions.  Last night, I took a page out of this month's Food and Wine and grilled kale!  It was really good.

Today I was charged with the task of getting my own produce planted.   I researched on the Farmer's Almanac that my carrots could've gone in the ground weeks ago.   Unfortunately all that work I did in March to get the garden ready was wasted as it was now weed filled, and I had to pull them out and turn things over again.  But the carrots, radishes, and potatoes are in, and the cukes transplanted outside.


<------ Cute Cukes.

The chives are just about to bloom.  I'm going to add some rosemary and thyme this year because the ones I planted originally didn't make it.

Now, the potatoes are planted in this cool little product from the Gardener's Supply catalog called what else but, a potato grow bag.    I guess the material is made to allow proper soil containment but drain etc.  And apparently, my potato failure from last season was because I failed to read all the details about planting them.
I just buried them under dirt and called it day, but you only cover them with a little soil, and as they grow you add more soil to cover what's exposed.
Makes sense actually when you think about it.

 So, like I posted on my facebook page, I'm tired.  But I don't smell anymore, I showered.

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