Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm Ba-a-a-ak

Well I can't let Joanne have all the fun. ;-

When I came to my dashboard to update this blog, I saw that the last time I posted was for the 2010 3 Day.  I've walked 2011 since then, and am training for this year's. (so please give!)

So I figured the blog would be a good way to document that, and also my summer garden and canning adventures.  It turns out I may have a bit more free time in the immediate future.  So the blog is a great way to get back to writing.  I can test out my novel ideas and snippets on all y'all.

First, the garden!

I took the opportunity when we had those warm days in March to clean up, fertilize, and turn over the bed.   Last fall I ripped out the huge St. John's Wart plant, and the peppermint that was taking over everything.   Here's hoping I can keep up with keeping it gone.

Here's what left of the perennials:  chives, sage, and Greek oregano.

I am a big proponent of sustainability, so when I heard about Husdon Valley Seed Library I knew I had to order from them.  (BTW I heard about them from The Daily Grommet - very cool site.)

They package some of the seeds in "art packs".  I bought heirloom variety cucumbers, beans, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, and cilantro.

Here they are planted in my ghetto homemade seed starters.

Two weeks later:
Stay tuned for updates. :)

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magnoliajem said...

Glad you're back, but why are you going to have more free time?