Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sleeping on the interstate

Training for this walk is time consuming. Walking miles and miles can be very boring. You do some with friends, but even your closest, physically fit friends don’t want to go 8-10 miles with you.

Even with the music going, your mind has little to do but think about things. I spend many mornings pondering what I have to do once I get home and shower. I mentally tick off a grocery list. Then there is the introspection that comes with solitude, which isn’t always wanted. I get to obsess over how I’m ruining my kids lives, why aren’t you writing or blogging anymore, blah blah.

I have to try to plan my walks so every 3 or 4 miles I pass somewhere to pee, or buy more water if I am out. Usually I make Dunkin Donuts the last stop before home so I can grab an iced coffee for the last mile and a quarter.

One thing about walking around town is that you notice more things than you do driving. I’ve enjoyed people’s gardens and the seeing different variety of flowers. I’ve discovered houses I never new existed set way back off the road. Unfortunately I’ve seen more roadkill than one person needs to in a lifetime, a gross variety of flattened garden snakes, squished chipmunks, skunks in the middle of the road… I wonder who cleans that up? Or does it just sit there until the wildlife takes care of it?

Speaking of wildlife, our neighborhood has a coyote. Fun huh?

See this is why I’m not writing or blogging. This post is supremely boring. Bonus points for the song the post title comes from.


Anonymous said...

You're way too hard on yourself, G. I enjoy every blog you write. Why not consider getting one of those automatic notifier thingys that Jamie has for when you update? For example, I missed the 5/29 post until I saw your note on FB today (6/9) that you planned to update. And, by the way, I could go for a pool boy even if I don't have a pool!
-- magnoliajem

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, I haven't seen an update thingy from Jamie in quite a while! So you really shouldn't be so hard on yourself.
-- magnoliajem

dw said...

This is not boring, my dear. I give you all the credit in the world for training and doing a third 3 day! I'd love to be there walking with you if I could. You should blog more often... I'd love to read more of your writing.