Friday, May 29, 2009

Man I suck

So I get all apologetic about not posting, and then make this big deal about revamping the blog, and promising I'll post everyday.

Yeah right. I wouldn't believe me either anymore. The killer is, I waste more time bitch slapping stupid people who comment on news stories at Time and energy I could be writing those same thoughts here.

The thing is, the stupid people don't read them here. I don't have an audience. What's an attention whore to do?

Have faith in herself that's what!

I can write.
I write well.
I can get an audience.
I need to start writing again.
I should keep a journal.
Maybe that novel will eventually appear.

School is almost out. 'Tis both a curse and a blessing as many of you with school-age children know. The lack of alarm and the lure of the mattress. The lazy days, but alas, you also have to feed them lunch. But... we have a new pool going in. We have WiFi and laptops. Sweetness.

Now all I need is a pool boy... ;-)

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