Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

First of all, no one warned me that when my $40 Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer traveled from Boston to 10,000 ft above sea level it was going to erupt like Mount St. Helens. There was no stopping it. It poured all over my hands, the counter, and the sink basin. Same for my travel night cream.

So, while my skin may not have been beautiful, (after burning even with SPF 55 on) the scenery was. I couldn't get over the moutains. White-peaked, and stone faced against the bluebird sky---they were breathtaking. I could've looked at them all day. But that would've made it hard to ski without crashing into something or someone. hee hee. I think one run from top to bottom was more than I ski in the morning at Sunday River! I did some steep bump runs and felt really good.

The snow was amazing. The first day we got there, there was about 4-5 fresh inches. It made it hard for the kids to practice their events, but me and my MissDemeanors loved it. With three kids compting in almost all the events they were elegible for, my skiing was pretty limited, but we grabbed some runs in when we could. I made it to the top of Copper, but never got down the back bowls. I took some tree runs with the Littlest One. Thought I was going to die, as usual. But I made it out unscathed and triumphant. Took a steep bump run off the rim with hubby---it was a blast!.

When we weren't skiing we were hanging out in Copper's Center Village, either listening to awards, (of which Maine grabbed several! More to come...) or drinking beers and margaritas. It was very cool than the kids all pretty much hung out with each other---either at someone's condo watching movies, or at the Woodward gymnastics center, and the grown-ups could socialize.

Tomorrow I will give a full wrap up of how the kids did, how The Maine Mountain Series did, and oodles of pics and video.

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Anonymous said...

Judging by the preview pics & video I saw on Sunday, you guys all had a blast! Glad to have you home.
-- magnoliajem