Friday, June 12, 2009

Grub and booze

I’m trying to decide between cleaning the house, and walking 10 miles. I suppose I could clean the house first, then walk, but that’s only marginally less taxing on my body and psyche. I also need to come up with a design for my “team” tee shirts, and get in touch with Wendy, my lone teammate. Not too mention fund raise more. Crap it’s only 6 weeks to the event!

We went to a wine tasting last night to benefit the library. Maintaining the town library has always been important to me. It always seems to be the thing that has to take cuts, and has been asking for upgrades for ages and never gets approval. It was held at Oak Grove Farm, and pretty much everyone there was as old as the historic farm. After tasting six or eight wines, of which three were decent, we high-tailed it over to our favorite bistro for an little shot of martini vitality. And a lobster fig pizza. Seriously good stuff.

Here are some wine rec’s, some from last night, and a few that I’ve read about and had recently.

Crios Torrontes-2008 from Argentina, a nice rich white that would pair well with appetizers and a seafood dinner. $12

Pine and Post- a Washington state label- This is a bargain. It’s a $9 3 for $25 special that pretty good, especially for the party/BBQ season. Try the Chardonnay and Merlot.

Altovinum Evodia 2007: is 100% Spanish Garnacha grape, and for $12 another really nice drinkable red for steaks, burgers, etc.


dw said...

Yay, a wine post! I missed your wine talk from back in the day, so this seems very comfortable. I may just have to check out some of those wines. I've got a "wine fridge" in my condo and actually have 6 bottles in there now (three are Reislings). I'm heading out of town for the weekend, but will send a check for the walk next week.

G said...

Karen, if you like Reisling, I keep hearing about this "Kung Fu Girl" label, but I haven't been able to find it. FYI.

Bee said...

My sissy has worked in Libraries for 15 years and says that they are always the department to get the first cut. With the technology available to kids today, some don't even step into one until they are forced by a teacher. So sad.

dw said...

Thanks for the rec of the "Kung Fu Girl" label. I checked at my local grocery store which has a fairly decent selection for a grocery store, but they didn't have it. I'll check Binny's Beverage Depot the next time I'm there. I'm actually quite proud of myself as I've "graduated" from those Arbor Mist blends to real wine!