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Got Hate?

Remember when we thought that the 2004 presidential election was the most divided our country has ever been? Good times, yo.

Glenn Beck at posted an op-ed piece last week that struck me. (link provided should you care to read.) In it, he was "writing America" from the future, warning us what will happen if we don't hold our politicians accountable. He also spoke about how partisan politics are becoming our our own worst enemy. He gave a quote from our very first president, George Washington, who hated the idea of political parties. Here's what he said about them in his 1796 farewell speech:

"The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of public liberty."

From Beck's piece: "I know that George had a habit for using big words, so allow me to translate into 2008 English: Political parties that put their own success over that of the country's will be the death of America.

If you don't believe him yet, just wait a few more're about to see firsthand how right he was. After all, if power corrupts, then the kind of absolute power gained by political parties (and feared by Washington) corrupts absolutely."

I have been following all the news stories for a few weeks now, and the "comments" the American "populous" is responding with. If these people are any kind of majority then I'm truly afraid of our country's chances for change. Here are a few examples of my favorites:

From Chicago Sun Times:

By Joni on October 5, 2008 10:12 PM

Revalations chapter 13 tells us it is 42 months, and that is almost a 4 year President term. According to the Book of REVELATIONS the Anti-Christ is: According to the book of REVELATIONS THE ANTI-CHRIST IS: " the Anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40's, of MUSLIN descent, who will decieve the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal.... the prophecy says people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in POWER, will destroy everything." Anyone you can think of running for office offering a change, that is what will happen and much more. YOU LIBERALS read the BIBLE and don't just say this is just REGILION talk. Because all I can say is THANK GOD I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST AND MAY THE LORD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.

By BG on October 5, 2008 11:04 PM

Wow, the first comment on here by DEMOCRAT 08 is the definition of a negro-loving stupid white pussy mentality that has gotten this country into significant trouble in the last 15 years. Please, move to Canada, or better yet, Kenya or South Africa where you will be beaten to a pulp for having such silly viewpoints that go against your own country.

From The Boston Herald: (not surprising)

PS: Obama thinks it's okay to let babies die who have survived abortion. Nice guy, heh?

One of the basics of civilization is the family - a man and woman naturally procreative. The Democrats policies are anti-civilizational. They loathe Palin because of her fruitfulness. Even cavemen would look at Dems notions with derision.

Doubting Tom, you are right. Everyone else, there is no way Fauxbama thought of this first. he's a total self centered dope. he was one of the buffoons taking tons of dough from freddie mac and fannie mae. get a grip. mccain wanted to do something to regulate those crooks in 05, but Fauxbama.....did nothing! in case you all forgot, he's done NOTHING significant while in the senate--besides vote present the majority of the time. Yeah, a real bold leader. And now he and his diahhrea of the mouth running mate, lyin Joe Biden, can't even get their stories straight and are bickering....yeah, that really inspires confidence.

nononobama: (he's one of my favorites, but the older stories where he was at his hating best are archived now.)
The Obamabots are strangely silent. They must be waiting for talking points from Obamabot Command.

Is Barak Hussein Obama bringing his teleprompter?

I'm glad your "messiah" is keeping his azz out of DC we don't need another Democrat trying to give all these lazy mofo's who borrowed money wayyy beyond their means a free ride, the CEO's severance pay and the rest of the perks that go along with running their companies into the ground. You think the Democrats will come up with a real solution that will benefit the real people("us") that are going to be paying for this? They're not bailing these companies out they want to buy them. This means "we" will own them and that's it. Your not going to see any money come our way. The Democrats want big government what a convenient way to get their hands in the door hu? OWNING & RUNNING the biggest institutions in the country. If the package passes the way it is now you better hold on cuz the rides not over and it's going to get worse. By your standards the Republicans can't do anything right, well by my standards neither party can do anything right. This didn't happen over night they knew about it all and used it as a bargaining chip to get the "messiah" elected President.

McCain once by a large margin 10-1. Barry Hussein Obama, where was your trusted teleprompter? Obama did not answer any of this questions. He mindlessly wandered. He looked like he has ADD. Empty suit with the teleprompter. Ask about Al-Queda, and he ends up talking about his spending package. What a loser. And we does he always cop an accent when he ways "Back-is-stan" (pakistan). He lived with Paki muslims in college (at least one was an illegal). We where hopeful that the anti-american 1960's drug-addled hippies would just fade away. The reality is that 300 of them are grooming Obama to be their legacy, the next-gen radical, but this time, rather than unshaven, smelly hippies, we have the (Saul Alinsky) strategy of communism via Harvard lawyers.

(and a two-fer from “bobaboie” since he provides such good material)
…got communism? Then vote for B. Hussein Obama, an empty suit, inexperienced, and will not protect the US and our constitution. Sixites radicals and terrorists want Obama elected. That says a lot. Can you imagine Barney Frank, who is a villian in the Fannie/Freddie mac crisis, as Secrtary of Treasury. Can you imagine the breck girl, I mean John Edward, an ambulance chasing plaintiff attorny as Attorney General. Can you imagine lazy John Kerry, as sectrary of state where he will work for the UN, not the US. Can you imagine (dis-barred accused rapist) Bill Clinton as supreme court justice. Obamas cabinet would look like a Howard Stern Whack-Pack!

From The Boston Globe:

“thinblu” (racism is still alive and well in New England. I bet this guy was throwing rocks at buses in Southie back in the 70's)
I will tell you who JSP (joe six-pack) is. He is a fellow who used to subscribe to the Boston Globe when they were a viable and meaningful entity in the daily lives of hard working people in the greater Boston area. Now that your paper is run by the leftist elites who are so much smarter than we peons, we Joe Six Packs called and cancelled our subscriptions since we are not interested in your daily directions in the realm of political correctness. We are not interested in supporting the aberration of homosexuality and we know that no matter where they live together in every city and town in America Blacks commit crime and it is out of control and we move and take our children with us so they are not subjected to "diversity". There are an awful lot of us out here. The Globe elites call us racists and homophobes and refer to us as the less educated or stupid, in other words. We do know how to use a computer and are going there in droves to find a truthful representation of what is happening in our world. We don't support killing babies and know that being pro choice really means that you are pro abortion. Being as stupid as we are, we should probably only get a quarter of a vote or maybe we should not be allowed to vote at all since we will not be making the right choices.

if Obama wins, it'll be plain and simple. taxes will go up, the ountry will continue its downward spiral towards socialism, and liberals will rejoice. therefore, and sadly, i guess Obama winning just means more of the status quo...

spoken like a true apparatchik! It's really dickheaded, dense dumb people who will vote for a vapid Obummer and the corrupt Democratic party who gave us this current economic nightmare.

Left wing dribble. It is surprising that Hussein only leads by 9 points considering the free 24/7 advertising he gets from the Globe/Times/CNN.
Bottom line: this crisis was created by liberals and the Republicans are blasted for trying to fix it.
Be careful what you wish for liberals; the Messiah will impose a new tax on your limosines and wine.

Why do I do this, why do I fall for this stuff? I hate the Globe, I hate Obama, I hate Obama supporters.
No cannot say "dislike"...."Hate" is the only appropriate term.
Why do I respond to this media candy give-a-way.
Sorry Obama supporters, I have to go to work now so you can give live off a third of my "earned" income.

John McCain will win in the biggest landslide you have ever seen. All those "quiet" voters will make their voices heard where it counts, in the voting booth.

Cheers John; as I watch you kick "NoBammas" tail in tonight's "debate".

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