Monday, May 05, 2008

Even though I'm made of sugar I didn't melt

Now that ski season is officially over, my husbandfamily turns its thoughts to sailing. If you remember hubby has the power and skill to sail those really big boats. We took that wonderful trip to Salem last year. Well, he thought it would be good, and not mention helpful if I took a “learn to sail” class so I’d be able to be a better crewmember. :p

The fact that the class was a full Saturday and Sunday for two sequential weekends was not all that thrilling, but this was important, and I did want to be more useful on the boat and know what was going on. It would certainly enhance my enjoyment of going out of a cruise.

My first class was this past Saturday. I think I was in denial that the rain would go all day, as I went to Louis Warf in a sweatshirt, windbreaker, and Merrell slides. (Hey, they’re my deck shoes!) You see, I hate rain. The only thing worse than rain, is cold rain---cold rain with wind. On a day like that, my idea of a good time is being under a blanket watching Jimmy Stewart woo Kate Hepburn. So, after the morning lecture, knowing we were then going to head out onto the boats, I dodged the drizzle to grab some chowder and a beer at the Sail Loft, replacing thoughts like, “thanks a lot Dear!” and “Oh you better appreciate this!” with more of a Zen-like, “Oh well, how bad could it be? They have rain gear for me” and “I have no control over the weather but I will have control over the boat.”

Looking much like the Gorton’s Fisherman I stepped into the Soling to spend 4 hours in the rain and 10 knot “breeze” coming out of the east-northeast. I bought deckhand gloves for $20. Not that they helped keep my hands warm mind you as they got wet the minute I started rigging the sails. And while the bright yellow rubber jacket and pants kept me pretty dry, once your feet are soaked and hands numb there’s only so warm your core will keep. But, I have to say it does help to have a charming French-Canadian instructor named Fran├žois showing you how to man the tiller. I actually managed to enjoy myself.

Sunday’s forecast wasn’t looking any better. Now, hubby had a boat reserved for the day, and was going to take his brother and the kids out for a sail and then meet me after my class. The wussies bailed, while I braved the elements! And you know what? The storm moved out quickly; there wasn’t much more than leftover mist, and the light wind conditions made it easy to practice the maneuvers. I rocked! And I don’t mean the boat. It really was a lot of fun. It’s a great, and powerful feeling to control the boat. Now I can’t wait to get out and show hubby what I can do!


laughinggirl said...

Sure. Like he's going to let you drive...
How many times did you take your road test? And didn't you famously bump someone's tush during one of your tests? (or am I thinking of someone else)?

Jobee said...

Didn't know yellow rubber would bring out all your control issues! But sailing is fun - have a good time.