Friday, May 09, 2008

I've had Christopher Cross stuck in my head for a week

So I should really know better than to talk shit. Tuesday afternoon I was so excited to take the hubby out on a boat to show him what I learned. But, it was so easy to grab the mooring Sunday! It did it perfect three times! My instructor said so.

That said, if any of you sailing center staff reading this were watching the goofball trying to navigate the mooring field with just the jib up on Tuesday, that was me. But it's partly hubby's fault! Since he's been on the larger cruising boats with a wheel he kept telling me the wrong way he wanted me to move the tiller. :p The smaller boat keeps you honest.

Meanwhile, in other learn to sail news...
Click for the latest Boston weather forecast.

Can you feel my joy through cyberspace? It's a good thing I'm into yellow rubber. ;-) And I already know I won't melt.


I've been pretty silent on American Idol this season. It's really about to jump the shark, no? At least Jason went home. If Syesha had left I'd have lost all faith in the American television viewing public. David Cook better win.

I really need my nails done but I hesitate to given the fact that I have to rig sails on a boat and pull lines. First things first I have to work on the house.

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