Monday, August 13, 2007

Come sail away, Come sail away...

There's an oldie but a goodie, huh? Jamie, was that on your air band playlist? I loved that BTW. I need to get me some of those tunes.

We went on our first overnight sail trip this weekend. It went really well. Sleeping on the sailboat wasn't bad at all. I guess it's very stable because of the keel and the fact that it's so heavy.

As I said below, Salem, MA is Witch city. As you may (or may not) know, in 1692 a series of trials were held there as a result of mass hysteria over the alleged practice of witchcraft, and 20 people were executed; hundreds more were imprisoned and died. Read more here if you care to get the whole deets. Or read The Crucible.

The trials actually took place in what is now the city of Danvers, but the town changed its name from Salem Village to rid itself of the historical stigma. (Given the fame and tourism that Salem now enjoys I bet they regret that move, LOL)

Anyway here are some of the sights:

This is the Salem Witch Museum. They do this "animated" reenactment of the trials. It's kind of hokey but informative, and then they go on to explain how witches have been stereotyped throughout the ages, and that Wiccans are people too.

This was a really cute "haunted house" we walked through to showcase make-up, props, and special effects. We had a blast as the "tour monster" kept trying to scare us.

These were our "hosts", the Hawthorne Cove Marina. Cute little place, and they had everything we needed. The staff was really nice and friendly.

Speaking of Hawthorne, this is the actual "House of the Seven Gables." The kids were unimpressed.

We got up the next morning and set sail for Nahant. The plan was to anchor the boat, and have lunch and swim. This, the kids couldn't wait to do. They've been dying to jump off the boat since the first time they were taken for a cruise.

It was frikken cold. Seriously.

Anyway, thought I'd share. Oh, and I cooked harvested tomatoes tonight. Yum!

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