Friday, March 28, 2008

Middle School Musical

Oh the joys of the school play!

Did we sound that bad in our youth at Ferrer? I kid. It was Guys and Dolls, and they did a good job. Girlie girl had a great time. And though she had a minor part, I have to say her face was more expressive than many of the others, and she smiled! I did make up; now that was an adventure! I got to put it on the boys too, hee. They were troopers, although camera phones were a-snappin'so you might want to check out You Tube. just sayin'

My drama queen has been bitten by the acting bug.

I just heard from Biggest One via text message, the mountain looks beautiful. Today is a practice day for them.

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Jobee said...

YES! And may I remind you of how silly you looked too