Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Breakfast with champions

I could get used to this baseball in the morning thing, curling up on the couch under a comforter with a hot cup of coffee. The Red Sox are stinking it up to the tune of A's pitcher Rich Harden.

Speaking of tunes...(Ha! I'm so clever!) Who saw "Idol" last night? This is going to be a good season, seriously. Each week, one of them either surprises or falls flat. It could come down to who starts to show consistent greatness.

Speaking of greatness, I am still in awe over David Cook's performance last night. He sang "Billie Jean" putting a Chris Cornell spin on it. Brilliant:

The bad thing about sitting here like this is I'm staring at all the stuff I have to do. Maybe that's why I closed my eyes and napped during yesterday's game.

More deep thoughts soon.


Anonymous said...

I was definitely NOT a David Cook fan until Tuesday night. His "Billie Jean" completely blew me away! (although not enough to vote for him -- Michael Johns got my vote)
-- magnoliajem

Lisa said...

I looooove that man, and I loved his rendition of that song! Yum. This has been my favorite season so far--so many cute boys with great voices!! I was pretty bummed when they voted off the former stripper. He was hot and his voice alone was a panty dropper! :)

Good to see you, doll.

If I move back to Maine will you go skiing with me? I learned how this year and bleepity-bleep do I bleepin love it!!!!!!! email me sometime. notsoluckystar AT gmail, etc.