Thursday, April 03, 2008

gimme gimme more

You know how everyone has those "rewards cards" now? Seriously, everyone at the check-out now asks me, "do you have a rewards card?" Most of them are just crap, because they send you coupons that of course sit in my pile of mail or other school notices---some might even make it into my pocketbook, until they expire. I'll find them every bi-annual throw out. "$10 off your next $50 purchase." "$5 ACE Hardware bucks". Down the drain. At least I try to recycle the paper they're printed on. For God's sake the CVS hands them to you on your receipt and I can't even manage to redeem them. Someone one said to me, and now I am getting paranoid about it, is that they are using this to track what you buy, like Big Brother. But do I really care if the government or more likely some marketing agency knows that I have hemorrhoid's, or like Loreal Vive shampoo?

It reminds me how New Hampshire resisted getting the EZ Pass/Fast Lane toll transponder for their highways because they didn't like the idea of someone being able to track their movements. (Live Free or Die!) And you know, I would never even think of that shit. I would make a terrible spy or criminal.

But anyway, back to rewards cards. The one, and only one, worth the ink and non-biodegradable plastic it's printed on is the Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards. So you accumulate points per bucks spent, and when you reach the magic number, (a most easily attainable $100) you get a product sample. On the spot. Not a coupon in the mail I have to bring in to the store within like some stupid two week time frame, an honest-t0-goodness decent sized lip gloss, mineral powder, eye cream, night treatment serum...and I get a choice! This system was made for a company like Sephora. Let me see how amazing the NV Perricone Skin Smoothing Serum is. I might just plop down $59 for the full size if I like it. And those little samples make great travel items to leave in your valise. CVS should give me a sample of Tums or Loreal instead of stupid Rewards Bucks that expire in the bottom of my purse. I might spend more money there.

I have to say, as expensive as it is, NV Perricone stuff is freaking amazing, but I still can barely bring myself to shell out how much it costs, and there is stuff on the market like Kinerase that costs even more. Maybe when my wrinkles get worse...

Speaking of wrinkles I got a facial today. The girl who I normally see left. I was so sad! I loved her. But I have to say, Trina gave the most amazing massage to my head, neck, shoulders, and arms. But, damn, the woman squeezed every blackhead out of my face with gusto.

So, coming soon...some serious product reviews.


Jobee said...

They give out testers of all the products (well maybe not the most expensive stuff) for free if you ask. Don't have to wait for your coupon.

Roonz said...

The only reward cards I think are worth a darn are the ones that give you 25 ounce beers for the price of a pint ;-) But that's just me.

And if they are tracking my purchases with the mug club card they would just get a really great list of beers to wet their palate.

dw said...

LOL, @ roonzie's comment. I've got the Borders rewards card and have gotten coupons I've used around Christmas especially. It's saved me tons of money on things for myself and on gifts (30% off a $50 book is sweet!). Right now I have a credit of $5 in Border bucks I can use toward a purchase. Good thing is I don't need to bring anything in with me, just mention it and present my card and they can find it. Then again, I'm strange, so, yeah, this card works for me.