Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Kids been sick. Boo.
Dropped smart phone in a water-filled hole. Boo.
Skied. Biggest One took two second place medals in slopestlye comps this past weekend, yeah!
Fixed phone, yeah!
Spring training started, yeah!

"Yeahs" 3
"Boos" 2

Can't complain about that.

Back to Maine today. Everyone do a snow dance.


dw said...

Oh, my, you dropped the smart phone in a water-filled hole? Sorry 'bout that, chief.

Anonymous said...

Hey there G- Shell here. Missing you!! It's been forever since we had a girls dinner! Was reading your posts from christmas, and man did I ever want that Barbie head-- Beth and Kathy had one, but I never got the Barbie head... oh well. Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? ;-) Any way hope you, the Mr. and all the rugrats are doing fab and eating up ski season.