Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I share this day with Abraham Lincoln, and writer Judy Blume. Obviously an historic date in history, no?

I told my sissy that 41 felt more fabulous than 40. Thank God for Sephora.com.

The other momentous occasion today is that my two oldest are getting their braces put on today. When deary darling Ra found out, she went into hysterics.

"It can't be tomorrow! I'm not ready! I have to eat everything I can't have one they're on!"

So, I've been instructed to bring a pack of Hubba Bubba Max to school when I pick her up. You should have heard her yesterday, arguing with me. "Why do I need braces anyway? I have a few crooked teeth and you can't see them so what?" "Or, they can pull out a few and the rest can grow in, so!"

Perhaps I should pick up a fine bottle of wine on the way home.


Bee said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have the bestest day ever! : )

dw said...

Have a great day, G!!

Anonymous said...

sissy poo asked if 41 was as fabulous as 40!!