Friday, February 08, 2008

No brainer?

"We can go to the tropics
Sip pina coladas
Shawty I could take you there
Or we can go to the slums
Where killers get hung
Shawty I could take you there"

Um, Sean honey, I think I choose the pina coladas. God I am so sick of that song. Tropics and pina coladas always sound good in February no? On the Lido deck, while my kids are in the care of a fine cruise camp director.

Of course, snow is never a bad thing when you ski. February has been a banner month for Sunday
River so far. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. The kids have boarder cross races both days, but with it being at SR (and hopefully more organized) I hope to get some good runs in between watching. Here are some cool pics of the kids from the last few slalom races.

Speaking of February, I am now officially the
mother of a teenager. Biggest One's birthday was Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

They're so bundled up, I can't tell who's who!!! (does that make me a terrible aunt?)
-- Magnoliajem