Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Something's fishy

I’m sick. The pile of tissues next to me has reached critical mass. I really felt the Zicam was working; I used it all weekend, and it was keeping things from spreading to my head. But I misunderstood the directions. I thought it said to use for the first 48 hours of a cold. It actually reads “use at the first onset of symptoms and continue through 48 hours after they begin to subside.” Oh well. I skied all weekend nonetheless, because the snow was of epic proportions. That probably didn’t help.

I had tea with Sue last week. I thought I would try to recreate this little anecdote to entertain you, my dear readers, especially those of you who know her, and can appreciate it. And for Linda, impatiently awaiting an update. ;-)

Me: So, do any cooking lately? Make anything good?
Her: Nah, not really…I’ve been painting garage doors and working on the mudroom.
Oh, I’ve been killing fish!
Me: For dinner?
Laugh, laugh, laugh
Her: No, no (playing along) The boys have set up a fish tank and we can’t seem to keep them alive. The first one was my fault really, I forgot to put, well you know the screen that covers the filter-thingy?
I nod, understanding what comes next.
Her: One of them got stuck up there! I had to take it apart and pull it out. At least it wasn’t up there that long and got…
I nod. Decomposed fish would not be fun.
Her: That was the first one. So we went back and got more, and then one of the got all these spots on it, and I asked Joanne because I know she knows about fish and she said, “oh you have the “ick”. Just get some medicine drops and drop them in. So I get the drops and you could see right away the blacker fish got better, but the silver fish started to float on his side, a little funny, ya know? At this point Sue makes a funny fish face by pursing her lips and creating gills with her fingers flailing next to her cheeks. So I took him out and quarantined him in another bowl, but he died. And Pet Smart will replace them if they die within the first two weeks, but you have to bring the dead fish back with you. And, with the basketball games, and garage construction I have no time to get there until Saturday, so here I have the dead fish saved in a zip lock bag with the receipt stapled to it. I put it outside because I don’t want them to get, you know. So now they are frozen in a block of ice. Fish popsicles! I can just see me bringing them in, “No, this isn’t how they died…”

Never a dull moment for sure.

I’m hungry. Is it feed a cold and starve a fever? Or feed a fever starve a cold?


Linda said...

great story! I can totally see that frozen fish with the receipt stapled to it! lol
thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Yeah and I can see Sue scrunch up her face and make a dead fish flop.