Friday, December 07, 2007

Let them know it's Christmas time...

Do you know how many blog hits I get by people searching song lyrics, because I often use them in my titles? This ought to add some.

First things first. Warning: This link could be highly addictive. But, it's educational and helps to feed the hungry.

Build your vocabulary and donate rice

Seriously. For every word you answer correctly, you give 20 grains of rice. Sounds silly? Like pissing in the ocean? Keep playing. In 5 minutes you've given 600 grains. Pop on a couple of times a day/week you got a few bags on a flight to Darfur. Cool, huh? Tis the season.

On a similar note, I heard a commercial for this and wanted to pass it on, in case there are those of you who haven't passed a Toys For Tots box or the like.

My Brother's Keeper is a local Christian organization that delivers furniture, household items, and food to those who seek assistance. They are also gathering toys for the holidays.

BTW, Christmas threw up on these people's lawn again this year. (I loved that expression E! My kids laughed when I said it, and of course I had to give you props. :p :p) It's actually worse if you can believe it.

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