Wednesday, December 05, 2007

There's no business like SNOW business

Sunday River got over a foot baby.

I'm in total denial that it's December 4th. Ask me how many gifts I've bought?

You know, I've had it with all these people having Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving. It was always one thing to see the department stores all decked out in November, then earlier and earlier. But now, my kids are all like, "why don't we have our decorations up? When are we getting our tree? Katie has her tree!" (Italics = whine) Ugh.

So, I must get cracking.

I think they're all getting coal this year.


hello jamie: said...

I am giving everyone in my family a charitable donation to an organization that fits their interests.

My tree looks kind of sad with no gifts under it, but we all have way too much stuff and I think maybe the world will be a better place after Christmas.

Jerry Graffam said...

They sure did. The River's been great all year. You're on my blogroll and I didn't even know you are a fellow River skier or rider! Hope to see you on the hill! ~Jerry