Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Ladies and gentlemen,
We have a tree. And it has ornaments on it. It's probably the bestest tree we've ever had! It's really fat and dense, and I loaded it with lights. The kids had a blast decorating it. We had it done in an hour pretty much. I had the fireplace going and it was very smooth. I also got lights done outside, and my quintessential New England colonial electric window candles in each front-facing window. And a big ol' wreath on the door. I still need to get the spot light to shine on it. Hee. I think I finally found my Christmas spirit. If not, tonight hubby and I are going to see "White Christmas" down at the Wang Center. Unfortunately, mother nature is going to make it a White Rush Hour. I am going to head to town early to avoid the snow, because they are saying it's going to fall fast, hard, and heavy, and are already predicting the rush hour commute is going to be the worst EVAH!

Snow is good though. We're going to have a huge nor'easter on Saturday into Sun. It's funny, how we all view the news of a big snowstorm differently, taking into account our own egocentric circumstances. I noticed this yesterday when I met Sue for coffee. I am excited about the storm, because the mountains are going to get slammed, and I can ski on it. :) Sports fans are all over how it will impact Sunday's Patriots game against the Jets. The bagel store owner was concerned over how it will impact how much business he gets. Sue lamented it'll cause her contractors to stay home.

Sweetie girl had her school's holiday band concert the other night. Big night in our small town, let me tell you. She had a saxophone solo. I was dismayed to see she was the second piece in the program, because daddy was stuck in Mass Pike traffic. I watched the auditorium door anxiously, but no D. But, as the applause of the opening number began to fade, I had a moment of brilliance: I hit speed dial, and held the phone up in the air. When she was done, I brought the phone down low to my ear and whispered, "Did you hear it?"
"Was that R?"
"Yeah, she was the first solo, so I thought fast."
The gingerbread men we made for the after-party were a big hit.

I'll report on the show (and perhaps even the snow!) tomorrow.

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