Thursday, September 06, 2007

The ol' ball and chain...

Fifteen years ago today, I was a beautiful, blushing bride.

Now I'm just an old fart.

I kid, I kid. I'm a MILF baby.

Happy Anniversary honey! I'm taking him out to dinner tonight at our favorite local wine bar and bistro. Oh crap! he reads this. I blew the surprise! Just kidding again. He knows we're going out to dinner.

I apologize for the lack of posts here. I haven't had anything thoughtful to say, and I hate just posting "Oh today I made sauce, and then the kids had soccer, blah blah." I've been knitting, and there isn't much on my needles yet but practice Krysten. I made a neat little swatch of 2 x 2 ribbing. Now I am making a triangle kerchief to work on increasing. My stitches are getting nice and even though, and I think I am ready for a real project. I used to knit when I was a kid, and once picked it back up when I was preggo with Biggest One in a fit of "nesting", so it came back pretty naturally. Trouble is I bought a bunch of yarn, and I can't find a suitable pattern for it that I can handle. I bought it to make a scarf out of "Stitch and Bitch", but it's just garter stitch and kind of boring, and the needles she said to use ended up making this loopy open thing... I bought smaller needles, I might try with those. Or, make a different scarf. I'd like to make a hat or mittens, but see that I need circle needles for those and I have no idea how to do that, nor do I have them or double pointed needles and I have been to the craft store like three times in the past week. LOL I have playing around on Knitty. Jobee, any hints on how to navigate their site to find beginner projects?

Off to get my nails done. Have to be pretty for dinner! TTFN


krysten said...

on Knitty, if you click on "archive" up at the top of the homepage, then choose a category from the drop down menu, you can look down the patterns they have and find the ones marked "M" for mellow, which is their easiest rating.

jobee said...

There are a bunch of places to look for patterns and most have a rating. Lion brand is really good for newbie projects with cheap yarn. Knitty is great, but listed yarns are $$$.

Never buy yarn without a project in mind and a pattern. You will never have enough yarn or you will never use it and waste the money.

You can also google the yarn name and the word "pattern" and see if anything else comes up for that specific yarn. You will probably get patterns for which you do not have enough and get into a vicious circle.

I suggest though, follow through with what you initially chose just to get used to finishing an entire project and reading instructions. As a project beginner, I'm fantastic, but very few things have been completed. Gotta stick to it.

Circular needles are just the same and are actually easier for beginners to use. I only use them and don't have any straights. DPNs take a little getting use to, but are necessary for good mittens, socks and hats. I can show you next time you are home.

Linda said...

happy anniversary!! I cant believe I didnt see you at "majinaimahepu" today! I was there getting my birthday toes done! lol with fancy flowers and jewels......

we had dinner at Basil. where were you? Zebra?