Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Embarrassment pt.IV (?)

I am embarrassed to say I love watching "Zoey 101" on Nick. I'm also embarrassed that I can never spell "embarrass" correctly.

According to an AP poll one in four Americans didn't read a book last year. I am not part of that shameful statistic, but I could very well be. I've blown off the last three book club books this year. I've started "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister" (Much like I started "The Elegant Gathering of the White Snows") but it sits idle on my kitchen counter. I made myself sit with a book on the patio one warm afternoon this summer, but otherwise I always seem to find something more important to do than engage in the "luxury" (air quotes) that is reading. Granted it's summer and we've been busy and going away a lot. I've been trying to pick up crochet and knitting, so I've been grabbing that at night when it's lounge on the couch time. But I can converse with the hubby and watch TV while doing that. Well, mostly. Sometimes I have to count.

Last year's excuse for not reading was that I was trying to write my own novel. Of course that failed miserably. Well, in my mind it did. I'm just too chicken and convinced myself I'm just a too much of a hack to make something of my NaNoWriMo accomplishment.

You can't even blame the blog anymore, because I barely post anything here. I was perusing my archives a while back. I used to write much more interesting posts. Maybe I just stopped thinking. It got to be too much work trying to be all deep and shit.

I'm sure if I keep going I can blame myself for the Iraq war and hurricane Dean. Catholic much?

Maybe I just need a new fall handbag. You know, since I don't have the "back-to-school" thing anymore, I still want that new outfit/pair of shoes/back-pack. The new shoes and a pocketbook manage to fill the void.

I need to set up my day planner:

7:00 - get kids ready for school
8:00 - dishes
9:00 laundry/misc house chore
10:00 write
11:00 gym/errands
12:00 lunch
12:30 shower if not done somewhere in the AM
1:00 knit
2:00 more laundry/misc house chore
3:00 kids snacks/homework/practices
5:30 dinner
6:30 dishes
7:00 prep grown up dinner
evening is eat/get kids up to shower/relax with hubby.

That works right? Look out Fall. G's got your number. A page number, a dewey decimal number, a stitch count, a word count...


Jobee said...

As a project manager I have to say that you should group like tasks together to get more done and schedule knitting with the hubby leaving you more time to write or read.

As your friend, I'm pissed that you actually have time during the day to do laundry and errands. Screw you!

E said...

Hey G
I agree with Jobee, group like projects together. You have from 8:00-3:00 ALL BY YOURSELF. WTF are you doing all day. LAUNDRY I think not.


Giovanna said...

well, the post was a bit tongue in cheek, because it is often postulated WTF do I do all day...

krysten said...

hee, the day DOES seem to just go by doesnt it? my hubby gets home and i suddenly realize the day is gone and all i've done is manage to feed the kid...what happened all day?

but since we're being all honest and crap...i *may* get stuck on your 1:00 appt all day. haha!

so you learned to knit!? what's on your needles??

Brain Diva said...

I have discovered the Family Channel (the Canadian equivalent of Nick) during a bout of stressful writing 2 weeks ago, and I am now watching all these kid shows like Zoey 101, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, 8 Simple Rules,... It's sad. I can't even excuse it by saying I have kids... LOL

Cool that you went to Salem. I went 2 summers ago and it was fun.

My internship finishes tomorrow. We will need to catch up now that I will have (marginally) more free time! :)