Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We all scream

The hubby brought up old N.Y. license plates, and suddenly I found myself desperately craving one of these:
And not a Carvel for miles.


I must be PMS-ing big time. Which means it will most likely be "that time of the month" during the 3 Day. Which will be a big pain in the ass. Well, not quite the ass. You know...

I plan to post the cheering stations so if the spirit moves you, or if you happen to be in the area of one of them you can stop and let loose for the walkers.

*ETA: Hubby and the boys went out to get Black Cow! Whee!


Roonz said...

oooooh the thought of homemade hot fudge has me drooling! The flavor cam is a fun idea!

Jobee said...

There's a Carvel in the basement of my office builidng - I saw the Saucers yesterday, but chose a twist with sprinkles instead. Yummy.