Monday, July 30, 2007

Just call me Farmer Macgregor

So far, I have been able to stave off blight and pestilence from consuming my tomato plants. I did not work this hard only for rabbits to eat them for breakfast!

If I can't keep the little rodents from squeezing in between the fencing, then I shall have to resort to guerrilla tactics.

This. Means. War.


krysten said...

i know how you feel...our peach tree is usually ravaged by the birds. it's so frustrating.

i've heard that they dont like you grow any of that? try sprinkling some of the flowers or green from the garlic around. if you have problems with cats, sprinkle around some orange peel pieces. hair clippings (from people) keep away squirrels.

good luck!

Giovanna said...

I made a "brew" of marigold leaves, garlic, and hot sauce, LOL. It worked for now. I haven't checked it today. Thank you for the other tips Krysten, I didn't know those.