Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Can't we just skip the next two weeks and name Melinda the next America Idol?

Now, I love Jordin, and after last week there was much speculation that she could go all the way now that Lakisha went home. I was disappointed she recycled a number. (Yes, I know Melinda did too, but hers was back before the big stage, and the band.) But as good as Jordin is at 17, homegirl can't hold a candle to Melinda. No if's ands, or buts. When they announced Randy picked Whitney Houston for her to sing, I was like, "It's about time, 'cause if anyone can step up to the mike and handle Whitney, it's her." And she rocked on the Tina Turner, as if that was a surprise. Loved her.

Blake surprised me. Well, that's not true, I know he can sing, but he really was comfortable and performed his numbers well.

It's really close to call tonight, but I think Blake's fan base is going to pull him through. It's him and Melinda in the Finals.

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Brain Diva said...

How could Melinda be eliminated? I kinda screamed at my TV. This just boggles the mind. I really don't enjoy Blake; I feel he is gimmicky. Sure, he is good at changing the songs around, but it feels like he always does the same thing. I think Jordin will win.