Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Funny blog

Got this from Michael K, and I know it will tickle Jamie, Gen, and Jobee (and many others!) tremendously.)

Passive-agressive notes from roommates, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers.


hello jamie: said...

oh good God, that is hilarious. In college once I had brought a green bean casserole back to school from home (the kind with the mushroom soup and the french-fried onions) and I popped it in the oven. When it was done I realized it was too hot to eat and I would be late, so I set it in the microwave and shut the door (because you're not supposed to put HOT casserole dishes directly in the refrigerator, doy). My roommate, in the hour I was away at class, pulled it out of the microwave, which mind you, is RIGHT NEXT TO THE REFRIGERATOR, and instead of putting it in there, which makes complete sense, marched that damn casserole across the apartment and left it on my bed. MY BED! Wow. That's only one example. There is a land called Passiva Agressiva and she was their queen.

Jobee said...

When my stinky roommate and I were fighting, we wouldn't talk to each other, but would telephone each other - while on the opposite sides of the wall. We didn't really leave notes, but had a plastic spider that we would put in odd places to try and scare the other.

I am not embarassed to say that I would swish his toothbrush in the toidy and put any hair found on the floor around the bristles (but at 38 years old, I probably should be).

Brain Diva said...

This site is very funny, but I am not sure a lot of what is on that site is really passive-aggressiveness. Sure, people left notes but unless they're being really dickish in them... Sometimes, it is better to leave a nice polite note than burst out in anger or start crying at someone face to face. But then again, I am the queen of non-confrontation and can be passive aggressive at times so maybe I just don't see it.