Saturday, March 03, 2007

Places to see people to do

I have a colb in my nobse. I mega-dosed Vitamin C and zinc Thursday when I felt it starting. It really works you know. I would be healed right now if I'd have had my Zicam, but alas I had none. That shit works. You have to do it like every 2-3 hours like they say which is a pain, but it works. That and the Airborne tablets every 4 hours. Still my nose is red and sore from tissues rubbing it. whine whine whine.

My book club girls threw me a surprise party for a belated birthday treat last night. It was sooooooo sweet. Too bad half the book club was missing! *glares at the three who read this blog even though I know you were working* I lurves you, and I miss you. We need to do something. We need 'tinis at Rossi's.

Did I say I got a new iPod? I got a bigger one, so I can keep all my music and books and podcasts on it for training. I also got new headphones, a case/armband and an FM transmitter 'cause the old one doesn't fit. I must start walking. You must start pledging. (lol) I think I should run the 5K again, and try to break 30 minutes. I almost did it last time. I need a goal. Not that I lack for one. I just keep adding to the list. Maybe one day I will accomplish one.

Not maybe dammit. I will.
I will run a 5K in under 30 minutes.
I will raise $2,200 and walk 60 miles
I will publish a story.
I will learn to knit and or crochet.
I will do all this while making sure everyone has clean pants.



Jobee said...

Work is finally catching on and blocked you - now what will I do during the day?

And I can teach you how to knit.

Giovanna said...

Work sucks, doesn't it?

I would love you to teach me how to knit. A visit is in order. Maybe I should go to Atlantic City with you the next time.

krysten said...

i could teach you to knit OR crochet...but, since we're on opposite ends of the country, maybe a couple links will get you started. :)



AndyT13 said...

YOu publish little stories on here al the time and I love them. Love the wine goblet but I don't drink anymore and I'm jealous of your hot tub. I'm pained to admit that I (at least theoretically) know why Britney shaved her head. HUbby threatened to have her drug tested in the custody battle. They do it with hair. And yes, she's on tons of drugs no doubt. Her music career is toast. Rehab and retirement look like great options rght now. She's rich. She can keep the kids and the money if she stops acting insane. But she won't.
OK, enough. ENOUGH!

Leesa said...

hey, I did not see writing a book on the list.

Sheila said...

I get tired just driving 60 miles~