Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. :)

Now, I had spent the last few weeks deciding where we'd be and how I wanted to spend the day, and told the hubby I just wanted to be surrounded with friends and loved ones, doing what I love most. (no not that!) Wining and dining. But everyone was busy, and hubby started dropping these vague bizarre clues about my gift, and warning me he might not have it as it might be out of stock. I wanted to have birthday cake, and he said, "Oh, I just assumed the restaurant would have dessert."

So come Saturday afternoon, when we were done skiing and my kids begged me to get up in the morning and watch their race instead of being able to sleep in, I let the pity party begin about how my 40th birthday was not turning out like I wanted. My hubby, the sweetie, totally sympathized with me. Told me I had every right to feel disappointed. I have dinner out with him all the time, so that night wasn't exactly marking something eventful. I appreciated his words, and just let it go, knowing I had many blessings to be thankful for, and determined to enjoy a nice evening out.

Imagine my face when I was escorted to a back room table where all our friends from the mountain had assembled to surprise me.

Yes, he---they got be big time. Lied to my face!!!

It was an awesome time. We chatted and drank until we realized it was after 9 and we needed to eat still. Then we squeezed in some time to dance to the band down in the bar.

Yes there was a cake, from J Pace's no less. :) And my present? He's such a devious liar. Because as we all know, nothing is better than jewelry. And diamonds are always in season.


Snow day tomorrow! Whee!


krysten said...

oh G, that's so sweet!! what a great time it sounds like!

i've got the 3-0 coming up next month...time to start dropping hints, right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

ciao bella...sounds like we missed out on all the fun ! Glad you were surprised and had a wonderful night...
ahh yes...diamonds are a girls best friend....
<3 cdk

Anonymous said...

Hey G
I hope you had a great 40th. I wish I could have been there with you all.

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