Friday, February 16, 2007


Did you know it was "Random Acts of Kindness Week?" Neither did I. But you know what? I don't need a week set aside to be kind. I am kind all the time. What's next, a "Don't Litter" week? Dumbasses.

Speaking of dumbasses, how about this "let's take forever to vote on a non-binding resolution against the troop surge in Iraq" congress of ours? Bush isn't going to pay any attention to that random act of unkindness anyway. *Sigh* It was nice to feel optimistic about the government for a few weeks anyway.

So you know I spend a lot of time in the grand state of Maine. Now that we've had a prolonged cold snap, all the ice fishers are out. I just don't get this. Fishing = Sun and sea, + beer and boats, or a rushing river and handmade lures (and beer). Good times, yo. But 10 degrees without wind chill, on a frozen pond, with a little wooden shack to shelter you while you drop a line through a hole in the ice, (which you have to cut)? If you need the fish go to Hannifords for Christ's sake. Dumbasses.

Hey, I'm 40 now. I can act all high and mighty and judgmental.

Oh, and I am so f*cking sick of having half my traffic come from dumbasses searching "you t**b." ("oo"s edited so as to not pepetuate the cycle.)

Here's to a dumbass free weekend!


krysten said...

i think your only hope of removing that traffic is to go back and edit that post. annoying isn't it?

but kind of like getting to go back in time! haha! which reminds me, i need to post about this week's LOST...

jobee said...

one of the other blogs I read uses ramdom periods in proper names, etc. so they won't generate spam (e.g. Y.ou Try it in your next rants.