Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brit.ney Shears

Britney, Britney. I don't know folks, what do you make of this prolonged public train wreck she's got going on? Is it a post-partum induced mental breakdown, compounded by her multiple marriage break-ups and back to back babies? I saw a great post saying something to the effect that she's been pretty much "sex trafficked" by her mother and the entertainment industry since she was pre-pubescent, and is it any wonder she cracked trying to live up to that image? Is she bipolar or just abusing too many drugs with alcohol?

Or is she just a spoiled media whore who got pissed that ANS's death took away her spotlight for a week and she had to do something drastic to get it back?

I want to feel bad for her, but then I think about how much money she has, and what she's done with her life, and her two sweet babies that she appears to have no regard for and I shake my head and realize you don't have to have a nervous breakdown in front of the world press. Granted they never leave her be, so maybe Britney is just figuring it's par for the course.

Now I've wasted way too much time on her, but God help me, I can't tear myself away from it all; it's like driving by a car accident. Gallery of the Absurd wasted no time in creating a work of art from the whole incident. It's brilliant.


Jobee - B for Britney said...

Fame and fortune doesn't guarantee a perfect life - she's young, maybe not well educated - kinda hard to deal with a husband and children. Having children always brings up your own issues from childhood and parents. These are common problems just exploited by the press. Give B a break.....

krysten said...

i think if every move any of us made was publicized for all the world to see, people would think each of us crazy too. how many times have you been like "i'm gonna do something crazy"? i've done it plenty of times, and i'm sure that there are lots of folks who would have lots to say about this that or the other...and what kind of person that made me...and what kind of mother that made me...etc., etc.

i think it's awesome she shaved her head. kind of a big F-you to everyone who has been judging her, and probably a "fresh start" from the divorce.

i totally get it.

d-man said...

She doesn't wear underwear, so we already knew she was bald.



Leesa said...

And she was a a Disney Mouseketeer?


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