Friday, January 26, 2007

Scene it.

I printed out my novel, and I bound it in one of these like cardboard file thingies that is basically just a front and back cover that connects with this metal bar thing.
I can't get over how big it is. Neither could my co-workers who were incredulous that I could produce that many words about a single thing. It made me feel proud.

So, I came home, poured a glass of wine (of course), and curled up with my manuscript, (it sounds so cool to say, "my manuscript" Hee!) under a throw blanket and pillows on my favorite chair to read and begin some editing. The workshop will have us bring in a 5 page scene for everyone in the group to read and provide feedback on, and we'll probably all get about 3 turns. I am trying to see what I want to bring in. My first instinct is to bring in something I wrote well, but that would be a waste; I need to bring in something that needs work, or I don't know how to incorporate, so I can get the other minds in the room thinking with me.

It's going to be like, zero degrees in the morning. I plan to just crawl from my bed back into this chair with the book and my laptop. We are northward bound again tomorrow night. Think warm thoughts, like chocolate, candles, and sex.

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GeorgieGirl said...

Can't wait to read it! Have a great weekend up north and keep warm!