Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Foxy lady

Ok, so I'm now on Firefox, and am slowly but surely figuring out how to navigate the Mac OS.

except I tried to open an imported bookmark, and Firefox asked me what it wanted me to do with it. I was like (to myself of course) "Um, open the page?" But it wanted an application to open the url. The hell? So I chose "Firefox from my apps list and it totally freaked out, opening window upon window etc, so I couldn't even quit or shut down, but I found this "forced quit" option and that worked. So piss off Firefox, how am I supposed to open a MS url if you don't know how? At least Safari did that much.

And why did I switch to Mac again? It was supposed to be easier and more intuitive? (but not for lifelong PC users, that's it!)

Anyway, I wanted to post two fun videos.

Jake Gyllenhaal from SNL a few weeks ago channeling his inner DreamGirl. The boy is H-O double T hot even in an evening gown and a wig. *snort*

Then, an Australian TV talk show host shows the world how stupid Americans are. This is seriously painful at points. It's long, so watch it when you have time. Gen, this is the shit you live to ROFL for. SRSLY!

Off to cook and get ready for the onslaught of kids arriving home.


krysten said...

UGH! that WAS painful! now, i have to admit that there were a couple that i would have embarassed myself on, like "axis of evil"? wtf? i'm totally wiki-ing that...sounds like a video game. but some of those were just awful! a country that starts with "U"? seriously?!

Dave Amirault said...

Now that you made the switch you will never, ever, ever go back.