Monday, January 22, 2007

Mac post

So I did it. I bought the Mac. It is sweet I must say. But I do feel a little like I am trying to use my right brain or something. Everytime I try to type an "A" I hit caps lock.

Today was hard. I went into the city to help support a friend. Emotional stuff. Then as I am on my way home to a busy afternoon of CCD and Gymnastics plus back to the city for my novel workshop at 7:00, I get the call from the school nurse. Little J had an earache and a temp. So I get home, take him to the MD, come home with a script drop it off at CVS, get MCdicks, bring it home to kids, go back out to get the med, try to print the page of novel I am supposed to bring to class and the damn desktop is frozen and wont print. Have to take biggest one to gym. I am now late. I have upset biggest one. I am the worlds worst mother once again, just when I thought I had it together.

The workshop is going to be good. I can't wait to focus on the book again. WHich is what I plan to do once I take the dog to the vet because of a wonky eye and then his grooming. Right now I am surfing and reading and I had two fun things for you.

I have to figure out wtf is wrong with all the sites I use in Safari. I don't have my formatting keys for blogger here. I can't make links. Well I could, but it would be too mcuh of a pain write now to write in the code.

So I want to imbed some fun video. I hope I can do this. Actually, you know what? I can't, I have to figure out how to import my bookmarks first, Crap.

Ok, this post sucked. I still like my new computer though.


jamie said...

You don't have to use Safari, G. Download Firefox or IE if you want. I recommend Firefox.

Jobee said...

Which item makes you a bad mom? That you were trying to print out something for class and that made you late or that J. got sick and set everything else off? Perhaps you are not a bad mom but just have a son that needs to learn how to go with the flow.

Giovanna said...

Eh, it was actually the projecting of all my shit onto biggest one. I shouldn't even be letting them see me get upset like that. They personalize it. Then I left him at gym and he tripped and skinned knee and cried, and I felt like I was abandoning him. Then he called me because we left his Gatorade in my car, but I wasn't turning around because of how late I was running. Furthering his crying and hanging up on me.

Jobee said...

You don't beat them enough -- he's too old to be crying and take away his phone for hanging up on his mother.