Friday, January 19, 2007

Hey, PC!

I gave blood for the first time yesterday! It was really cool. Please, if you haven't for a while or never have, please consider donating. Supplies are critical now. The Red Cross can set you up with everything you need, or your local hospital should have a center. Props to the MGH Donation Center. They made it fast, easy, and I don't even have a big bruise. I got lots of goodies too.

So, the laptop is dead. Flatlined. Which means I'm shopping for a new one. LOL I want to hear from you Mac users out there, because I have gotten rec's to get a MacBook. I have never touched an Apple computer, and the notion is intimidating because there is just this "Mac" counter culture, and I feel like an outsider! LOL

So, has anyone read the Forbes Magazine's list of best companies to work for? Apparently, Google wants you at your desk as much as possible, because you can do your laundry, get your car's oil changed, or see an MD, all for free! They have a gym, a pool, onsite daycare, and even a lactation room for nursing moms complete with breast pumps so you don't have to lug your own in. And free gourmet cafeterias. Read the profile on Google, and some fun video here.

I can't believe my workplace wasn't on the list. We have a gourmet cafeteria! It was even featured on ABC news! Sure dinner can run you $5-7, but eh we get paid a modest salary. And I've learned so much from my management. They've taught me how to get things in writing, how to pass the buck, and let my co-workers out to dry.


hello jamie: said...

I can't believe you've never given blood before, G; you work in the healthcare field!! Tsk, tsk. If you tell me it's because you never weigh enough I'm flying up to Boston and slapping you. :)

I have a Mac and a PC. I work more on the PC because of work but I love my Mac. It's super-easy to get around- I don't think you'll have any trouble.

krysten said...

haha! in college i didnt weigh enough, and then after that, i always was within the 6 month grace period after a piercing or tattoo.

i still havent given blood. i looked into it recently, only to realize i was STILL in that same predicament!! (the piercings...NOT the weigh, hah)

hello jamie: said...

I can't give ever again because of the big, bad cancer cells. Pooh.

Giovanna said...

[meek]Um, yeah. That and appendix surgery or then preggos with a baby or nursing it.[/meek]

But see now I am a bit bootilicious so I can spare a pint. :)

krysten said...

uh-oh...wait. cancer something. what if drs never knew conclusively if you had cancer or not???

hello jamie: said...

You can ask the lab technician or call the donation center. But my slightly educated guess would be that if you weren't officially diagnosed with cancer, then you're probably OK to donate.

krysten said...

well, they treated it with what they would have treated cancer with, and it went they never knew.