Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Going for a dip

As if I didn't have enough going on in my life, I am having my own Tupperware party tonight. This happened because one, I am a sucker, and two, Donna is very persuasive. Very sweet and persuasive---a dangerous combination. I also want the fondue pot---regularly $199 for $40. It doesn't look like that's going to happen. I invited about 25 people in the hopes of getting 8 to come. But, given the fact that everyone else in town has either, a) been to one of Donna's parties in the last eight months, b) has just as much going on in life with kids and Christmas as I do, or both I'll be lucky if I generate enough sales to garner the can opener or the silicon spatulas. Donna, however, remains optimistic. We're making chocolate fondue. 7:30 if anyone's interested. Did I mention I am a sucker?

In other news, I am attempting to maintain the discipline to write for at least two hours a day that Nanowrimo established.

So, Christmas season arrived while I was otherwise occupied. Last week, I was driving in the car and called the hubby to inform him, "I just heard 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' for the first time this season" of non stop barrage of pop carols. For whatever reason, maybe because it was the first time hearing it in 12 months, but I listened with fresh ears. Do you remember when that was released? Did you have the 12 inch extended mix LP? The one with Bob Geldof saying "It's now six am on November 26th, blah blah," then they resume the chorus.

I remember listening to it with my friends and trying to figure out who was singing which line. "That was Simon!" "Was not! It was John Taylor!" Did they have Sting sing the line about the bitter sting of tears on purpose?

What's sad is that there are still children dying in Africa twenty-plus years later. Madonna and Angelina are taking care of that though, one baby at a time. (Ouch, I know that was rotten.)

Heroes really got me going last night. I can't believe it won't be back on for weeks now. Bastards.

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