Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you?

Yes, it's that day.

It's Monday, September 11th. I have a gynecologist appointment. My kids have school and practices. I will do at least two loads of laundry and walk my dog. Granted, while I do all that, I will be well aware that it's September 11th because every media outlet will be touting, feeding, and shoving it into every orifice possible. But you know what? I don’t even mind that so much. It's a news story of epic proportions. Our own "Day of Infamy." Ha, and we pretty much screwed Muslim communities the same way we treated Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor.

What I hate; what I want is the POTUS to stop dropping 9/11 in every speech as a tool for his propaganda machine. Whenever anyone questions the liberties he is taking with the Constitution, with our lives, questions his motives, he plays the fear card. It's a scheming, cowardly way to manipulate people, don't you think? God I can’t wait until that man is out of office. Every time I hear the man speak I want to throw something at my TV or radio.

Thinking about what happened 5 years ago this morning fills me with anger and anxiety still. But I can't dwell. I grew up in NYC. My family is still there. 9/11 mixed in with Bush/Cheney fear mongering has turned my parents into people I don’t recognize sometimes. Whenever I see a plane in the sky somewhere where I don’t generally see them I get a flash of panic.

But now we have all these defense contracts! Jobs! Look at the economy! We made this!

I suddenly have this image of Bush playing the banjo while D.C. burns.


I did want to mention that I came across this project known as 2996, where volunteer bloggers will pick one victim of the 9/11 attacks to remember and celebrate by writing about them on their page that day. All the names had been picked by the time I found it, but I did want to point you that way in case you were interested. Here is one such tribute. Those of you who lost a loved one that day, a big virtual hug and love to you from me and my family.


Brain Diva said...

I agree, G. It changed things to be sure, but I hate the fact that it is being used a tool of fear to make people agree to things that would otherwise be seen as unacceptable.

I have watched 30 minutes of coverage this morning, and while some of it feels very fitting, so much of it seems so over the top. The networks have brought out their crazy graphics package and bomp-bomp-bomp music. The worst was on a Canadian station covering how Gander, Newfoundland was affected by 9/11 when they took in thousands of people whose plane had been grounded. Now, some people were mad that the ambassador was not coming until Wednesday to take part in rememberence ceremonies. Oy.

Anonymous said...

We have a memorial service on the town green tonight..many lives in our town were lost since we live in Ct. ...our Girl Scout head leader urged our girls to "make a showing" so as not to have the "boys" (scouts) out do the "girls" (scouts) at the event. It makes me mad to think part of the spirit of this event is a competition....WTF! ok I'm done ranting..
So Florence is hitting BDA as we speak...G..we're in the cannot happen again..I swear...not in the same year....the same ya later..cdk:)

Giovanna said...

I have some good restaurant ideas for BDA.

FYI for anyone reading, I want to clarify I realize that we treated the Japanese much worse during WWII, as they were actually persecuted and interned by the government, whereas anti-Muslim sentiment was random and unsanctioned. That was just my way of using hyperbole from my bully-pulpit. I wouldn't doubt for a minute though, that our law enforcement profiles and harrasses people based on appearance.

Anyway... our fire department fired its alarm whistle this morning while I was out walking, which struck me odd because it hasn't been used in years. Then I looked at my watch and realized it was 8:45.

krysten said...

my uncle and cousin (his daughter) worked in the WTC. my cousin quit her job there just a short time prior to the attack, and my uncle happened to be running late that morning, so he was still commuting by the time the attack happened.

Unhinged said...

Thanks for the linky, G!