Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just call me Clair

How does someone decide they're going to become a palm reader? I suppose the wise ass answer is "they just know," bwahahahaha! But seriously, does someone aspire to have a dingy store front where they can prognosticate the future of strangers for profit? How much overhead do you think is involved, I mean can you really support yourself that way? I have this mental image of a woman sitting in a dim living room eating soup out of a can and watching All My Children until she hears a customer come in up front. What leads someone down that path?

Tarot can be learned for sure, but what about "The Gift"? As in, "old Aunt Charlotte always said I had The Gift..." Hmmm. Could be the setting for a story. If nothing else the perfect stay at home mom job. :-p


Anonymous said...

I don't know how they become one but if you get a good one it can be life changing.

Jobee said...

Don't know if I should be the big cynic and tell you that the scam in NYC was that the Clairs would rent apartments (and live there) and write off the rent as a business expense. Now they rent out commerical space and illegally live in the back room.

Anonymous said...

I know we've always had this running thought between us...and this post you ahve here today could not have come at a more timely matter....I've been "feeling" it for weeks now that something "big" was about to happen at work...and it happened yesterday afternoon...My boss sold the store...I'm out of a job...well, for the moment...I was offered a job ...at Stop and Shop....the man sold out to Stop and Shop....needless to say....call me Claire....I think I'll make room in my home and open up shop....:?cdk