Friday, September 08, 2006

Thirteen going on Forty

I had something I was going to post about but now that I have time to sit down and write of course I don't remember what it was. The mind is the first thing to go. (Thank God. It doesn't matter if I don't remember how good sex is as long as it feels good at the time. *weg*)
I can't wait to see this movie, "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints". It's set in Astoria (pretty much my old neighborhood---my parents grew up there, my grandma's lived there, we bordered it and were closer socially to that area than the "Irish Woodside". My sissy will probably get more out of it than me, since she entered high school in 1986 and I left NY to go to Boston, but still, to see "memoir movie" that takes place in the era of your own childhood hits home. (no pun intended) You know? Seriously, we are used to watching our parents generation make movies about the 40's or the Baby Boomers celebrating the 60's or 70's. I have never been able to relate to movies like "Almost Famous" or "A Bronx Tale" but Astoria in the mid 80's? Um, yeah that was us with beer and wine coolers in the phone company parking lot.

The phone company is now a Honda lot. I recently looked at the old 'hood with fresh eyes and took some photos. I've been meaning to make a slideshow. I'll have to get on that.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Cranky Jobee said...

A Bronx Tale was not filmed in the Bronx, but in Astoria, near Frank's. That always annoyed me.

Anonymous said...

Knowing you, was that last line really necessary. Of COURSE it annoyed you.

G's friend from da hood said...

G, Did ya not see the sleeper hit of 1991, "Queens Logic"?

Not exactly an oscar winner, but great shots of G's old hood with peeps consuming beer and wine coolers.

By the way G, nice blog, but Jobee has better newspaper clips ;)

Giovanna said...

Dude, I was so close to linking that clip here... and the one she e-mailed me... I just might still.

Yes, I did see "Queens Logic", no Oscar winner for sure.

Listen, where are you with my politcal rants? No comments there? I am incensed that Romney is courting the right wing to try to take a nom away from McCain. We must chat.