Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More food stuff

Ah what a glorious day! Come on everyone, big stretch and a smile.

Ok, I tried. :p

We spent the holiday at one of New England's best kept secrets:


Just kidding. We were at Misquamicut Beach and Watch Hill down in Westerly, RI. We shopped, had yummy fresh ice cream, and the kids rode the historic Carousel. Then we had an amazing dinner at the Up River Cafe. I highly rec this place if you are ever in the area; they have great cocktails, beautiful atmosphere, and I swear every appetizer on the menu is delicious. Last night we had, get this, lobster nachos. This is not your Mexican tortilla chips piled with stuff mind you, it is fresh chopped lobster meat served chilled with homemade guacamole on a bed of shredded lettuce, with fried flour tortilla triangles ornamenting the dish. Let me tell you, I would never in a million years thought to pair lobster with guacamole but damn it was really, really good. The mussels in white wine, garlic, and Thai chili paste were also amazing. We were all dipping bread in the juice until we relented and let the waitress take the plate.

Hungry yet? :p

I am going shopping today. CDK, we must chat about Bermuda! The man wants to scuba, you guys game?


Anonymous said...

hello my dahling ! We can snorkel..not sure about the scuba thing...I will call you either today or tom....btw...lobster nachos ?..yummers !! ciao bella cdk:)

Jobee said...

The tamale always looked like guac -- we eat it with good salty potato chips! Nothing better than Ruffles, butta and lobstah.

Someday you stomach is going to explode - I just know it.