Sunday, September 17, 2006

Slow day at work...

What kind of Celebrity Ho-Bag are you?

I'm so pissed. I really thought I was an Olsen twin.


krysten said...

haha! i was Madonna!

"A person's slut factor usually decreases over time. But not yours. Just like Madonna you're not afraid to throw that time worn crotch into a pair of pink panties and slap it on your latest album cover. It's been a while since you were anything like a virgin but age will never stop you from acting like a ho."


Jobee said...

I'm Jessica Simpson - how insulting!

Jamie: said...

I was Lindsay Lohan, and since I have a secret fascination of her, I was secretly pleased.

Ooops, secret's out.

At least she can ACTUALLY act, unlike most of the other celebrity ho-bags.