Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It's National Talk Like a Pirate Day! Do you know your pirate lingo? (How do you say Johnny Depp is hot in Pirate lingo? LOL)

Biggest one is home sick from school, so we are going to bake chocolate chip cookies together. I'll do anything to put off doing laundry. Just kidding, I love baking. I'm pulling out the big guns. Right now though, I am forcing him to do school work. Mwahahahaha.

Ok TV people. There is a ton of new TV starting this week, plus old favorites are back. House is being true to his angst ridden self, and Cuddy's cleavage is still making guest appearances. Boston Legal starts tonight! Michael J Fox is reprising his character for the premier. Gray's Anatomy Thurs is starting with a one hour special recap and highlights at 8:00. I liked it on Sundays. This move pisses me off. I can't watch live on Thursdays; I work. Bah.

Did anyone watch Studio 360 last night? I have it recorded, but we caught up on House. Sorkin's back baby, and Bradley. Whee! I also want to see "Heroes" and Smith looks interesting with Ray Liotta, as does The Nine and Six Degrees. I'm afraid to pick up another "serial" show that I need to keep up with every week, where the plot is playing out over the whole season.

Splice the mainbrace everyone!


Dave Amirault said...

Get TiVo or the comcast DVR. Watch TV on your schedule.

Anonymous said...

My TV WATCHING SISTER! I TiVo'd Studio 360 because if Josh (in any form) is still on TV I must watch. And I'm so glad you updated me on these old favs that I have to make sure are on my season pass list. The bad thing about Tivo is that now I never know when any shows are actually ON.

It's been too long Toots--let's talk soon

Jamie: said...

It's just Studio 60, not 360. *weg* And it was greatness. Smith lost me at minute 33.

Giovanna said...


We loves us some Alan Shore! :)

Jamie you pedantic TV goddess, who was the engineer? What else has he done?

Jamie: said...

Timothy Busfield????? I LOVE him (but miss the beard).

He was Danny on the West Wing and if I'm not much mistaken, one of the leads on thirtysomething, which I didn't watch when it was on primetime but maybe I shall rent it now that I'm thirtysomething.