Thursday, September 21, 2006

More fear mongering

Warning: political rant ahead.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., warned on Wednesday that the United States faces a new threat from "homegrown terrorists," in particular Muslim converts or jihadis who have been "recruited in prisons and universities" by organizations loosely affiliated but not controlled by al-Qaida.

The intelligence community has "clear indications" that al-Qaida and like-minded groups were "focusing resources" on recruiting potential terrorists in U.S. prisons and at U.S. universities. Americans need to understand that "we are at war with a very dangerous enemy," he said.

My disgusted, incensed reaction to hearing this report on NPR? Maybe if we spent as much of our money and resources on the war on poverty, crime, and on improving education as we do on the War on Terror, we wouldn't have so many disenfranchised, underprivileged Americans in prisons for terrorists to recruit!

Oh, I'm sorry, my bad. That kind of long range strategy doesn't produce the immediate results and sound bites for politicians to get votes. Let's just keep putting Band-Aids on levees. Not to mention it's so damn bleeding-heart liberal to want to provide social programs. So while Bush fiddles, Cheney can eat cake.

OK, I'm going to go hug some trees on my way to recycle now.

One person who seems to have foresight in trying to prevent crime is Philadelphia Mayor John Street. Instead of trying to spread health care and job training etc over a system of 50,000 people, probation officers mine data and do risk analyses to determine which parolees are most likely to commit murder, and target them. There are plans to hire more probation officers to reduce case loads so they can focus more attention on them to keep them on the right track.

So, I don't have to work today! Whee! I can't wait to get to the gym, and get ahead on the housework, so tomorrow will be a total play day. :)

Oh, btw, since the Sox resigned the season, we are now rooting for the Mets as they have clinched the NL East. Can you imagine if it's a Subway Series? The boys from Flushing can go kick some Bronx ass! Plus, David Wright is much better looking than Johnny Damon. :p

I would love to show you my pretty niece in her Mets outfit but I need permission from my sissy poo first.

I'm hungry.

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